Educational Adventures is a dedicated group travel business that boasts over 26 years of experience of professional travel management. We specialise in ski trips, cultural adventures and volunteer holidays that help travellers discover the true character of a destination.

With a range of tailored itineraries for school and university students, as well as group travel packages, Educational Adventures focus on education by cultural immersion and first-hand experiences.

100% Australian Owned & Operated

100% Australian Owned & Operated

100% Australian Owned & Operated

24 Hour Emergency Support

100% Australian Owned & Operated

Bespoke Travel Itineraries

100% Australian Owned & Operated

Highest Standard of Financial Accreditation

100% Australian Owned & Operated

Safety First

100% Australian Owned & Operated

Curriculum Linked

Experienced group specialists by your side.

We are here to assist at any time.

Packages tailored to all your needs.

Standards matter.

Protection at it's finest.

Maximise your learning potential.

We are proud to send over 3,000 students on an unforgettable trip each year. You can feel confident knowing that we have the expertise and learning outcomes in mind to create truly inspirational tailored packages. 

We understand that safety is paramount, therefore we use only tried and tested suppliers to ensure a smooth and successful trip. 

We will even provide you with the promotional material you need to gain student interest. Whether it be PowerPoints, flyers, or even hosting a promotional event at the school- subject to location; we've got you covered. 

Rest easy knowing that all the hard work is done for you. Contact our specialists for your next unforgettable domestic or international adventure. 


"Over the years, we really have appreciated the time and guidance that the team at Educational Adventures have given us. Organising large school trips is very complex and they make it much easier!"