We are proud to send over 3,000 school students on an unforgettable school trip each year. You can feel confident knowing that we have the expertise and learning outcomes in mind to create truly inspirational tailored packages for your school group. 

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100% Australian Owned & Operated
We are proud to be Australian owned and operated. With our extensive experience we have all the contacts to build memorable school group itineraries.

Curriculum Linked
With the Australian school curriculum in mind, we aim to complement the criteria and learning outcomes. We can't think of a better way to educate and inspire school students than through adventure. 

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 Bespoke Travel Itineraries
We know that travel planning can be stressful, that's why we take the hassle out for you. This way we can make dreams achievable with specifically tailored itineraries for your school group. 

24 Hour Emergency Support
You will be well equipped with all necessary paperwork and a detailed daily routine so nothing is missed. Emergency contact details will be provided so we can assist in any way to make sure your school or group trip runs smoothly. 

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Safety First
We use only trusted partners to ensure all components of your itinerary meet industry health and safety standards. We can provide all relevant documentation for school risk assessment to lighten your workload.


Halong Bay: Vietnam


Educational Adventures is made up of a talented and experienced team of school group specialists who are passionate about travel. Each group consultant specializes in different parts of the world, so you’ll be matched with someone who is knowledgeable about your destination. We are here to look after any request no matter how big or small.


David Walker

Chairman & Executive Director

David, a business owner since 1992, guiding the parent company, ITC Pacific, and its brands to a prominent position in the travel sector, has a career spanning 40 years in wholesale, retail, group touring, inbound and state tourism. 

David has always been focused on ensuring ITC Pacific maintains best business practices, safe travel protocols, risk and crisis management, financial integrity and duty of care, which has provided security and confidence to all our schools and groups, many of which have supported the company for over 20 years. 

David's journeys' have taken him through many countries, experiencing their culture, tour operations and travel networks.

Through David's expertise in travel and tour management, the team at Educational Adventures brings to life the visions' of teachers' and students' on their journey to Inspire, Educate and Explore. 

Council of Australia Tour Operators (CATO) Board Director, a past CATO treasurer with a continued focus on governance, constitution and codes of conduct guidelines. 

Student Educational Travel Organisation (SETO). Founding Chairman and Board Director. SETO is a wholly controlled subsidiary of CATO.


Daniel Walker

Managing Director

Daniel has been with the company for 16+ years. During that time, he has been fortunate to travel all over the world.


Daniel started in the company as the Groups Manager and was the trip coordinator of the first Australia school ski trip to Hakuba, Japan and Panorama, Canada.  Throughout his career, Daniel has been very hands-on with his role and from time to time will even take on the role of guiding our schools on their educational adventures.


Daniel has a passion for travel, specifically enhancing students' experiences by offering new destinations.


Jen Walker

Groups Sales and Operations Manager

Jenny has been extremely fortunate to land her feet on five of the world’s continents throughout her 17 years in the travel industry.


Experiencing the gift of travel from a very young age, Jenny is endlessly seeking her next adventure. With passion for travel running through her blood, Jenny has ticked many destinations off her bucket list. Waking to elephants outside her window in Kenya is one of her most fond memories.


Living in London for over a year, Jenny loved exploring the magic of Europe and the adventure of living abroad. Walking the streets of Rome, Jenny immersed herself in the cities wonders and ancient history. Jenny appreciates that travel offers an exciting and interactive way to learning.  


Japan opened her eyes to an endless array of culture, and Jenny was thrilled to discover the diversity that one country could deliver. She explored temples, World Heritage sites, theme parks, powder snow and more; experiences which she loves to draw on when advising clients on the best Japan has to offer.


Jenny is an avid snowboarder and itches to get back to the slopes at every opportunity. Lake Louise is one of her favourite ski resorts and she looks forward to returning to Canada again soon!


Whether it’s adventure, ski or relaxation, Jenny loves chatting about educational adventures.


Simon Beazley

Groups Assistant Team Leader

Since a young age, Simon has always dreamed of what it would be like to experience living in different a country. This passion for travel and excitement has allowed him to live, work and explore different places across the world. During this time, Simon has been taken out of his comfort zone, been challenged to face his fears and made some long-lasting friendships. 

What he enjoyed most about this experience was learning and absorbing the different country’s cultures and traditions. From drinking Karver in Kashmir with the locals, learning a new language in Quebec or taking part in a traditional cultural ceremony in Japan. These experiences have helped him grow as a person and made me more appreciative of the world we live in. 

A big part of Simon's travels was based around snowboarding. Not only did he get to ride some of the biggest mountains in the world such as the Himalayas in India or the Tordrillo mountains in Alaska, but he was also able to learn how important looking after the environment is so the next generation can experience these wonders of the world.

Simon is now happily working with Sno’N’Ski Groups and Educational Adventures. He loves that he can pass on this love and passion for the snow and travel to new generations of explorers looking to broaden their horizons. 


Melanie Grocke

Group Travel Specialist 

Immersing herself in the history of every place she visits, is Melanie’s Number 1 prerequisite when travelling to any new destination.

From exploring the underground cities in Turkey, to street food tours in Bangkok, every experience is a learning opportunity to new cultures.

The chance to have lived and worked for short periods in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia also gave Melanie a completely different perspective of life abroad that she will never take for granted.

Watching the world through fortunate travel experiences has also ignited a passion for ethical and sustainable tourism and for our future generations to be able to experience the world, whilst doing our best to preserve the natural beauty and environment of our planet.

With over 2 decades in the travel industry, Melanie is delighted to be a part of the Sno’n’Ski Groups and Educational Adventures team, enabling her to extend her knowledge and passion for travel, its invaluable life lessons, and never-ending learning journey, to the next generation.


Nicky Ross

Group Travel Specialist 

Nicky describes her desire to travel as an eternal itch she can never quite scratch. Her first international trip to Greece was at the age of seven, and even today Greece is her first love, after Australia of course.


At nine, she and her family left Darwin to backpack Europe in winter, celebrating Christmas in the Swiss Alps, and she has definitely inherited her parents’ love of travel.


As a young adult, Nicky left for a one-year working holiday to the UK and didn’t return for over five years. Becoming a Tour Manager in Europe was a highlight of her career, and she has worked in several travel roles, including as General Manager of Operations in Australia for a leading Tour Operator. With a career spanning 30+ years in the travel and tourism industry, Nicky has worked in wholesale, group touring, tour operations and sales. She has owned her own travel wholesale business specializing in the UK, Ireland and Europe, and her expertise in student group travel has brought her to Educational Adventures. Working predominantly with school programs, she loves developing tours that open the students’ eyes to the world outside their own backyard.


At Educational Adventures, Nicky will continue providing inspiration and support for school students and adult groups combining elements of education, culture, sport, music, art and special interests.


Lauren Forde

Marketing Manager

Lauren was bitten by the travel bug at a young age. Moving from New Zealand to Tonga at the age of 10, she was fortunate enough to experience an entirely different culture and way of life for 5 years, before moving to Australia. The urge to explore was always present and took Lauren to Asia as an 19 year old, from there it became almost mandatory to go somewhere new at least once every year!


Her passion for travel and adventure led Lauren into the Travel Industry over 8 years’ ago and has taken her around the globe. From the temples of Myanmar to diving to new depths in Papua New Guinea and the peak of a Hawaiian volcano to snowboarding in Japan; the thrill of new experiences has taken her to some incredible places and allowed her to experience so many things.


Food and culture have always been a huge part of the travel experience and Lauren has been lucky enough to enjoy truly immersive experiences that makes a holiday so unique. 


Lauren believes that travel is the best education for schools, groups and independent travelers, and hopes to be able to continue exploring the world for as long as she can!

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Emily Porter

National Sales Manager

From an early age, Emily’s parents instilled the importance of travelling, starting with spending a month in New Zealand, then 3 months exploring Europe as a family. 

During High School, Emily participated in a sister school exchange program, which took her to Okayama in Japan, spending 6 months with 4 different host families, attending school and experiencing the local way of life.  This experience not only assisted with her Japanese language studies, but also her personal growth and independence at the age of 15. 


This connection to Japan, its people and culture has taken her back 6 times since!


From backpacking in Europe during university, to snowboarding across Canada, USA and Japan, and chasing adventure across Mauritius and Iceland, Emily lives and breathes travel, loves trying local food, is terrified of heights, and prefers business class. 


She now feels lucky to work in the travel industry, and loves travelling and planning adventures with her husband and son.


Haley Hooper

Accounts & Administration Team Leader

Haley is our resident Canadian, hailing from Vancouver. Her love for travel took her throughout the USA and Mexico and then to South East Asia where she met her Aussie husband on a tour of Vietnam. She now lives in Brisbane and loves exploring all that Australia has to offer.


Whether it is scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef, or skiing the Rockies in Canada, or sampling epicurean delights in Italy, she is always up for new adventure. She is always searching out the hottest new restaurant to try and counts herself lucky to have tried some of the world's top dishes. She believes the best way to experience a country is through their local food, be it street food, a great café, or catching it herself.


She has been working in travel for the past 10 years and has found her niche in the accounts department.


Join our diverse team to inspire and innovate group travel.

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