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Fundraising Tips for your Next Trip

It may be your first time considering a school excursion or budgets are tight and you still want to offer a trip to your school students that will allow them to explore the world. Educational Adventures and Sno’n’Ski Group Holidays offer competitive prices, but we know that sometimes it is still not feasible for a school to consider. Therefore, we have compiled a list of fundraising ideas that you can implement at your school to assist in subsidizing student travel costs.

Hosting fundraising events are a great way to include school students whilst teaching the value of money, building purpose, and saving techniques that will encourage strong values for adulthood. A sense of community in the school will also occur with everyone working together towards a shared goal. We recommend at least 3 fundraising events over the course of your planning stage in order to reach your goal.

Pre-Fundraising Tips:

1. Talk to your students and gauge the amount of interest for the proposed ski trip or

educational adventure and what their individual budgets are.

2. Discuss with Educational Adventures your preferred budget and group size and assess what the costs are for your package preference.

3. Speak with your leadership team to see if the school are likely to cover any travel costs on behalf of the students.

4. Check with your group specialist whether the destination offer any government subsidies and if your school is eligible to apply.

Once you have considered the above, the school will have a firm idea of how much money is needed to proceed with the trip and you can make this as a school goal. Speak with students in assemblies, newsletters and in class so that everyone in the community knows exactly what you are working towards. Create flyers and posters to hand out in the extended community to advertise your upcoming events.

Fundraising Strategies:

1. Individual fundraising goals that students can do in their own time including lawn mowing, dog walking, and car washing.

2. Host a school fete where students can sell baked goods, arts and crafts and raffle tickets.

3. Approach local businesses for donations.

4. Set up an online fundraising link on the schools Facebook page or E-newsletter and invite everyone from the extended community.

5. Host a talent night with a small donation entrance fee.

We understand the importance of travel for school students, so speak to our group’s specialists for further ideas on how you can implement fundraising tactics into your school.

Image Credits: Katt Yukawa via Unsplash

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