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Updates in PACER Rebate: Exploring Australia’s Capital

The Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) subsidy program is offered to Australian school students from year 4 right through to year 12. The aim of PACER is to encourage schools to visit iconic educational landmarks in Canberra. These include Parliament House, Museum of Australian Democracy, National Electoral Education Centre, and the Australian War Memorial where you could receive a subsidy of up to $510 per student based on the travel distance from your school to Canberra.

As a popular Educational Adventures’ destination, Canberra offers countless activities, allowing Australian school groups to include STEM, sports and historical elements into a subsidy driven itinerary. As a result, bookings are essential and the team here at Educational Adventures recommend planning your next Canberra school group excursion up to 18 months in advance so that we can secure your PACER activities.

Recently, PACER has announced 2 additional activities that meet the eligibility requirements that the school group can book should the above activities be unavailable. These are the National Capital Authority and the National Gallery of Australia.

The National Capital Authority offers three education programs:

How We Remember: ANZAC Parade memorials tour; Students will visit Anzac parade to discover significant memorials that pay respect to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. The symbolic memorials tell a story where students will uncover the nations participation in wars and respect all involved. A visually powerful and educational program for Australian school students of all ages.

The Story of Canberra; Students will learn the story of Canberra becoming the nations capital city and how its design was planned strategically with continuous development in mind. The democratic government process will be uncovered as school students learn the reason why Canberra was chosen as the nation’s capital.

Our Shared Journey: Reconciliation Place Tour. Located in the heart of Australian democratic and culture, school students will explore Reconciliation place and learn what reconciliation means for Australia’s past and future. Shared history of indigenous and non-indigenous Australians will be presented through public artwork displays for students to understand and pay their respects.

The National Gallery of Australia offers the following program:

Belonging: Stories of Australia Students will uncover themes of migration and activism through historical and contemporary artwork sharing many voices of indigenous and non-indigenous cultures and communities. Through this program, school students will consider Australia’s history of colonisation and its impact.

For more information regarding PACER, visit:

Are you ready to start planning your next Canberra Educational Adventure?

Image Credits: Visit Canberra Image Gallery

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