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Travel Australia: Explore your own backyard

COVID-19 regulations has put a current standstill on international travel for Australian school groups. Considering this, Educational Adventures have taken the time to develop school group educational programs around Australia, providing young individuals and school students the opportunity to discover their own backyard for 2021 and 2022. We are working with only trusted suppliers with school group experience to present the best of what Australia has to offer.

Intrastate Travel

Are you wanting to still offer an educational adventure to your school students this year but concerned with education department approval and rapidly changing border restrictions? Why not travel within your own state to avoid border shutdowns?

Educational Adventures can develop tailor-made educational school group packages for your state with curriculum linked activities in mind and adventurous elements to suit all school student ages. There are a range of group packages that we can offer, whether you want to explore the outback, visit Australia’s natural wonder, or uncover history and immerse with local communities, all states offer a unique learning outcome for Australian school students. What are you waiting for, get planning your group Educational Adventure today!

Image Credits: QLD Tourism Image Gallery

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