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Travelling in a Post COVID-19 World

The last 18 months has changed the world considerably, affecting the future of travel.

It is time to look beyond lockdowns and reflect on the importance of safe travel in a global perspective. Now more than ever it is important to plan ahead, book only with trusted travel suppliers and appreciate that travel is a great privilege for school students. Educational Adventures know that there is a lot to discuss before your next trip and we have answered the most popular questions.

What pre-travel requisites will be required?

The likelihood of presenting evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination before you travel to some countries as well as carrying masks on airlines is high, however Educational Adventures will provide you with the most updated requirements as these develop. We encourage the group leader to sign up to the travel advice of your chosen destination for regular entry requirement updates.

Travel insurance is increasingly important to protect travelers from both illness, and unexpected changes to their travel plans. Insurers are creating new policies and Educational Adventures have put together a specific COVID-19 policy to further protect school students.

Where will be the most popular destinations?

Short term, we expect school groups to stay closer to home, exploring Australia and New Zealand in depth. As the demand for travel increases, we expect nations with high vaccination numbers to be the natural next choice for Australian school groups in a post COVID-19 world.

Volunteer and community engagement will not only be more popular than ever, but also essential for developing countries to overcome COVID-19. Travel is likely to become more focused on sustainability and ethical responsibilities, and travelers will take longer in-depth journeys to immerse into other cultures.

Will prices increase after COVID-19?

When countries open to international travelers, properties are likely to reduce their initial capacity restrictions to ensure safe distancing. This combined with additional demand will mean that booking in advance is imperative to avoid large price increases. There is also uncertainty regarding foreign exchange rates.

Educational Adventures offer exchange rate guaranteed packages at affordable price points as we understand the importance of protecting your finances.

We hope that in time that we can all travel in a safe and ethical environment and are ready to start preparing your next Educational Adventure.

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