The Educational Adventures team is made up of avid traveller's who specialise in group travel and logistics. Our team are here to look after any request no matter how big or small

Groups Travel Specialist

Polly started travelling at an early age and quickly realised it was her life’s passion. Today, she’s travelled to over 40 countries, lived in Canada for over six years and makes a point of completely immersing herself in every destination she visits. 


Thanks to her love of hiking, camping and cultural exploration, Polly is an awesome point of reference for group travel of all types. Her recent adventures include journeys through Thailand and Fiji and her favourite destination to date is Fethiye in Turkey. Stay tuned for Polly’s recommendations on Vietnam – it’s the next destination on her never-ending itinerary!

Groups Travel Specialist

Cassidy began her journey as a travel agent in 2017 and has impressed her colleagues and clients by quickly proving herself to be a talented Groups Specialist with stellar attention to detail. Cass especially loves arranging school group adventures and helping the younger generation realise that the world is truly their oyster.


For many years Cass has been travelling as far across the world as she can. She has been to Japan five times, the USA three times, Bali, Singapore, Fiji and Mexico. Cass has also spent time exploring her own, beautiful back yard, and looks forward to more travels throughout Australia.


Cass feels most herself when she is exploring the world, and she loves the outlet that travel offers. She has a special connection to Japan and loves advising clients on the eye-opening experiences it has to offer.

roups Travel Specialist

Experiencing new countries, cultures and cuisine is Kathleen’s life-long passion. Her first trip was at age eight, when she travelled through the USA with her family, and Kathleen hasn’t stopped travelling since.


Kathleen has travelled through South East Asia, Fiji, Japan and Italy, and she’s lived in New Zealand, Australia, China and the United States.


Meeting the locals is always her favourite part of a trip, and the insights gained from these genuine relationships have assisted her throughout her seven years working in the travel industry. Although Kathleen finds it impossible to pick a favourite destination, she highly recommends experiencing the culture of Japan, the food in Vietnam, the nature in New Zealand and the snow in Canada!

Groups Travel Specialist

Tyson has adventured throughout Europe, Japan, Thailand and many more! When he isn’t trekking through nature’s finest spots you can find him playing a game of rugby or researching his next new exciting destination.


He loves the blend of old world charm and cutting-edge technology in Japan, his favourite destination. One of Tyson’s personal travel highlights is visiting Nijo Castle in Kyoto and exploring the chambers where shoguns held war counsel with their samurais. Tyson says he’ll never forget the moment when he discovered just how sharp a samurai sword can be.


Tyson’s interest in travel began during high school and he’s spent the last two years in the industry seeking out great tips and tricks on travelling, which he loves to share with his clients

Groups Sales & Operations Manager

Jenny has been extremely fortunate to land her feet on five of the world’s continents throughout her 15 years in the travel industry.


Japan opened her eyes to an endless array of culture, and Jenny was thrilled to discover the diversity that one country could deliver. She explored temples, World Heritage sites, theme parks, powder snow and more; experiences which she loves to draw on when advising clients on the best Japan has to offer.


Jenny is an avid snowboarder and itches to get back to the slopes at every opportunity. Canada is the next destination on her hit list, so look forward to tales of poutine and pow upon her return!


Whether it’s adventure, ski or relaxation, Jenny loves chatting about travel.

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