Meet Our Team

The Educational Adventures team is made up of avid traveller's who specialise in group travel and logistics. Our team are here to look after any request no matter how big or small.

Groups Assistant Team Leader

Ellis spent her childhood living in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. As a result, she loves to travel to unique destinations and immersing herself into off the beaten track cultural experiences.


She has ticked off multiple wonders of the world and strives to visit each continent before she hits 30. Her recent adventures include China, Egypt, Jordan and Vietnam- all of which offered completely different culture, food and people.


As a solo traveler, Ellis respects the importance of safe travelling, not only for travelers but economically for the chosen destination and most importantly the impact of tourism on the environment and wildlife.


Ellis loves making the impossible destinations achievable. Her favorite destination is India, which she has visited numerous times. The vast contrast between each city keeps her going back for more.  

roups Travel Specialist

Brianna first fell in love with traveling when she was 16 exploring the coast of Thailand. The unique experience offered by the Thai community, their culture and cuisine kick-started her love for exploring the world.


She spent a year living in Japan, the majority of her time staying with locals in rural communities. The opportunity to explore the cities, skiing, and hiking the beautiful mountains makes Japan her favourite destination. She is an avid adventurist and has hiked in national parks across The United States and New Zealand.


Discovering the world has given her a deeper appreciation for our own beautiful country and Brianna has spent numerous expeditions driving and camping throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.


Whether it’s the towering slopes of the Japanese Alps or the sweeping outback of Australia, Brianna is always excited to chat about the worlds wonderous sites!   

Groups Sales & Operations Manager

Jenny has been extremely fortunate to land her feet on five of the world’s continents throughout her 15 years in the travel industry.


Japan opened her eyes to an endless array of culture, and Jenny was thrilled to discover the diversity that one country could deliver. She explored temples, World Heritage sites, theme parks, powder snow and more; experiences which she loves to draw on when advising clients on the best Japan has to offer.


Jenny is an avid snowboarder and itches to get back to the slopes at every opportunity. Canada is the next destination on her hit list, so look forward to tales of poutine and pow upon her return!


Whether it’s adventure, ski or relaxation, Jenny loves chatting about travel.

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